Membership in the Nova Scotia Mineral and Gem Society costs $20.00 per year per family. Membership fees help pay the costs of the Society's membership in the Gem and Mineral Federation of Canada, rental fees for our meeting space, and funds to make purchases for our library or buy useful equipment for members to use. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can fill out the application form and send it along with your membership dues to the society's mailing address or simply bring it to the next meeting.

Member Application Form (PDF format)

Member Benefits

Our library collection contains books, magazines, maps, and videos covering topics such as geology, mineralogy, gemology, rockhounding, and lapidary arts.

The greatest benefit of all is meeting people involved with the hobby and learning from them. Our membership possesses a wealth of knowledge about identifying rocks, minerals, and fossils; collecting locations throughout the province; and techniques for turning rough material into beautiful gemstones. Such knowledge is shared every month when members bring in specimens for identification and members make presentations on topics they're most interested in.