The Nova Scotia Mineral and Gem Society Constitution

NAME: The name of the Society shall be "The Nova Scotia Mineral and Gem Society", hereafter referred to as "the Society".

AIMS AND PURPOSES: The aims and purposes of the Society shall be

(a) To encourage and promote the study, display and responsible collecting of minerals, rocks, fossils, and gemstones.
(b) To encourage and promote lapidary work and related skills among Society members and others.
(c) To maintain liaison with government bodies that have jurisdiction in any facet of the Society's activities.
(d) To promote conservation and safe practices in all matters connected with the Society's aims and purposes.
(e) To engage in fund-raising activities in support of the aims and purposes of the Society.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall comprise all who are in accord with its aims and purposes and shall consist of:

(a) Ordinary member who have paid the membership dues established by the Society for the current calendar year.
(b) Member Emeritus (or Honourary Members) elected at the Society's discretion who are exempt from paying yearly dues.
(c) By  reading  and  signing  the  Membership  Application,  members  agree  to  abide  by  all  conditions  of    membership  and  release  the  Society  and   its  members  from  any  liability  associated  with  Society  activities.

REGULAR AND ANNUAL MEETINGS: Regular meetings of the Society shall be held at such times and places as may be designated by the membership, but there shall be an Annual Meeting held each year in the month of November for the purpose of

(a) Receiving a report of the Executive Committee
(b) Receiving an audited financial statement from the Treasurer
(c) Electing officers of the Society and chairpersons of Standing Committees
(d) Dealing with any other business which may be desired

THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: There shall be an Executive Committee of the Society comprising the Society's President, Vice President, most immediate Past President still active in the Society, Treasurer and Secretary, together with the Editor of the Society's Newsletter (The Rockhound's Bark) and the chairpersons of standing committees.


(a) At a regular meeting of the Society or any other meeting, including the Annual Meeting, the time and place of which have been notified to the membership in the Society's newsletter or otherwise not less than a week prior to the meeting date, the membership present shall constitute a quorum, providing it includes a member of the executive present to chair the meeting.
(b) At a meeting of the Executive Committee a quorum shall be a majority of its membership but shall include the President or Vice President.

(a) The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the chair but normally prior to each meeting of the Society.
(b) The Executive Committee shall be empowered to fill a vacancy in its own membership from among other members of the Society for the Society for the unexpired term of the person replaced.
(c) The Executive Committee shall:
  • Conduct all necessary business of the Society between its regular meetings.
  • Authorize needed expenditures of sums not to exceed $50.00 each or $100.00 total and report all such expenditures at the next meeting of the Society.
  • See that plans are in hand for forthcoming meetings and activities of the Society and oversee the work of all the Society's Officers and Committees.
  • Keep the insurance coverage of the Society under review and see that adequate coverage is maintained, reporting any perceived inadequacies to the Society.
  • Appoint a Nominating Committee who shall present at the Annual Meeting of the Society a proposed slate of Officers and Chairpersons of Standing Committees as may be required to fill existing or anticipated vacancies in these positions, all those proposed having been approached and having indicated their willingness to serve if elected.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS AND CHAIRPERSONS OF STANDING COMMITTEES: All members of the Society shall be eligible for election to any office except that no person shall be eligible for election to the same office in which he or she has just served for four successive years.

Normally terms of office shall be two years except that to ensure continuity in the Executive Committee, the Nominating Committee may at its discretion nominate persons for one year so that not all members of the Executive Committee would find themselves reaching the end of their term of office in the same year.

All Officers and Chairpersons of Standing Committees shall normally be elected to office at the Annual Meeting of the Society, shall assume office immediately thereafter and shall remain in office until expire of the terms for which they are elected.

SIGNING OFFICERS OF THE SOCIETY: The signing officers of the Society for banking purposes and the signing of cheques shall be any two of the following: the Treasurer, the President and the Vice President.


(a) The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society or its Executive, shall oversee all activities of the Society during his or her term of office, and shall call meetings of the Executive Committee as required.
(b) The Vice-President shall assist the President and during his or her absence assume the same duties.
(c) The Treasurer shall
  • Receive all monies due the Society and deposit them to the credit of the Society in a chartered bank or trust company.
  • Make such disbursements from these funds as shall be authorized by the Society or its Executive.
  • Present to each regular meeting of the Society a summary of its financial position.
  • Prepare and present to each Annual Meeting a audited statement covering the previous year.
  • Maintain the membership list of the Society and be responsible for the collection of membership dues and recording of their payment.

(d) The Secretary shall
  • Record and keep a file of all minutes of meetings of the Society and its Executive.
  • Submit a copy of the minutes from all meeting to the Editor for inclusion in The Rockhound's Bark.
  • Keep a master copy of the Society's constitution and of all amendments thereto
  • Conduct correspondence for the Society or its Executive and other materials thought desirable by the Society or its Executive.

(e) The Editor of the Society's Newsletter (The Rockhound's Bark) shall solicit and edit materials for The Rockhound's Bark, including meeting minutes, and see to its distribution subject to the direction of the Society or its Executive and with their support and assistance as needed.
(f) Chairpersons of Standing Committees shall convene and preside at all meetings of the relevant committee and make such reports on the Committee's work to the Society or its Executive as may be requested or deemed advisable.

SUGGESTED STANDING COMMITTEES: While Committees of the Society may be created or disbanded by the Society at any time it is suggested that included among Standing Committees should be the following, with the understanding that a Committee need consist of no more than its chairperson if that is all that is required, but that other members may be added by the Committee itself, if desired:

(a) A Library Committee of which the Chairperson would normally be the Librarian
(b) A Field Trip Committee
(c) A Program Committee

AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION: Any proposal for the amendment of this Constitution shall be presented as "Notice of Motion" at a meeting of the Society at least one month before the meeting at which it is to be considered and that "Notice of Motion" shall be communicated to the membership by means of the Society's Newsletter or in other written form at least one week before the date of that meeting.

DISSOLUTION: In event of the dissolution of the Society all net assets of the Society shall be donated to the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for application to the Geology Collections.